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The Poker Hands Used in Casino Holdem

Knowing the different poker hands that can be used in casino holdem is very critical because this game is based not on the position of players in the game but in various hand rankings. To professional or advanced poker players, the hand rankings are very easy to learn and use in this game. However, novice players may have a hard time learning them so it is necessary that they explore and understand the values of these poker hands.

The best poker hand that may be used by players in Casino Holdem is royal flush. This hand ranking allows players to increase the ante bets that they place to at most 100 per cent. A royal flush is a set of cards that has a ten, jack, queen, king and an ace that has the same symbol. Royal flush is the hardest poker hand that players can get in the game that is why its payout is very high.

The second best poker hand in this poker variant is a straight flush. Beginners can identify this poker hand because it is similar with a royal flush, only in this hand ranking, there are five cards which numbers are in sequence and they all have the same symbol. Next to the straight flush is four of a kind. This hand ranking contains four cards that have the same value and an excess card of any value.

After four of a kind, the next best poker hand is full house. A full house is a combination of three of a kind and a pair. This poker hand can beat a flush which is composed of cards that have the same symbol and which values are not necessarily arranged in sequence. A flush is better than a straight which is any five cards that are in sequence and that do not have the same symbol.

The weakest poker hands in the game are three of a kind, two pair and a pair. Three of a kind is a poker hand that has three cards of the same value and two cards that have different values while two pair is consisted of five cards that have two sets of cards that have the same value and an excess card. Lastly, a pair is composed of five cards that have two cards that are of same value and three cards that are totally different from each other.

As we can see, the poker hands mentioned in this article are arranged from strongest to the weakest. Their rankings are very important since the payouts that will be received by players are based on the type of poker hand that will beat the cards of the dealer. Furthermore, players should have prior knowledge about the hand rankings because it may affect their odds in the game.